Thursday, November 24, 2005


I have a good friend who posted a tough post...

I know he'll probably put this up on his blog as well but i was so thankful when this encouragement came into my inbox this morning that i thought i would take the encouragement it gave me and send it along to all of you.


November 24

Spiritual Warfare and Sin: Seek God's Remedy

My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not
sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus
Christ the righteous.
--1 John 2:1

I wish it were possible to anoint the head of every Christian
preacher so that he would never sin again while the world stands.
Perhaps some would consider that a happy way to deal with the
subject. But, in fact, if any person can be removed from the
possibility of sin, he or she can only be some kind of a robot run
by pulleys, wheels and push-buttons. A person morally incapable of
doing evil would be, by the same token, morally incapable of doing
good. A free human will is necessary to the concept of morality. I
repeat: If our wills are not free to do evil, neither are they free
to do good....

But what was the sinning priest to do? Should he give up to
discouragement? Should he resign himself to failure? No! There was
a remedy. And what about ministers and all of God's servants today?
In a time of temptation and failure, should they simply quit? Should
they write a letter of resignation and walk out, saying, " I am not
an Augustine or a Wesley; therefore, I give up"? No, if they are
aware of what the Word of God says, they will seek God's remedy.
Tragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts, 75-76. A.W. Tozer

"Thank You, God, for Your glorious remedy! Thank You for Your love;
thank You for Your grace; thank You for constant forgiveness in
Jesus Christ. Amen."

I hope this encourages all of you. Let's choose well today.

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The Reverend said...

Thanks man, sometimes it's easy to forget that when I get so wrapped up in failure...It's good to be reminded.