Wednesday, August 31, 2005

video project

well hats off to my friend Bryan for doing all the work for this anniversary project.

It is a pretty large file but i hope you enjoy it none the less.

It is fun to go through the pictures and see old faces look young again. was my daughter chubby... and cute.

anyways... here it is.

hope you enjoy.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Jumping into the week

This is going to be an extremely busy week.

Our church is celebrating it's 10th anniversary.

I might not seem like much but for a cancer Survivor, 10 years can be a long time.

There are lots of things happening. The wedding described below. reunion meals. Services. Messages to prepare, videos to make. Stuff to pick up at the national office.

My house to clean so my parents can take care of our kids and there are some really good friends that could use a visit this week. They are the people who take priority!

I love doing what i am doing and though my time at the church hasn't always been easy. I personally have a lot to thank God for this weekend.

So with all of the stuff going on. I am committing my heart to praise, this weekend. God has done so much around here in the last number of years.

He's worth the praise and worth the work.

Have a great week.

You probably won't hear from me until its all been said and done.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Premarital Counselling with Josh and Hayley

Pre-marital counselling is actually fun. You get to talk about about all things related to marriage and family and relationships.

Josh and Hayley however, have been an extra Joy to counsel...

We really do spend quite a bit of time laughing and Josh no doubt spends days after each session trying to dig himself out of the holes he dug during the meeting.

I am really pumped for these 2 and all i can say is it's about time they tied the knot.

Now for those of you who would like to know what pre-marital counselling is all about you can... this video

.... trust me, be glad it ended when it did...

Josh proceeded to get down on one knee and sing to Hayley and then they kissed and cried...

It was really gross.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So Mike and Francois and I went into Algonquin Park This week as a way to reconnect with Mike who is just back from LA and who is a great friend and always ready for an adventure.

Our Mini Adventure was a really good time. Mike took a ton of video (he said it was the first time he ever filled his card) and so you can watch it all unfolding on

except for this....

you see mike forgot his camera.......

so Franny and I thought that this detail must be preserved forever for posterity

check it out!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

jogging on the spot

jogging on the spot

I missed you guys too

emerging has nothing and everything to do with orientation

jogging on the spot

And i wanted to tell you all that i got an email asking me to comment on the need for a Canadian post-modern church clearinghouse.

i always have something to say... although most pomos love to talk.

I stumbled in a mini clearinghouse in Canada called
check it out and you'll meet pernell... I went to school with perry. He was in my dorm I think... yup. I didn't understand perry but i think now i might...

Sometimes i wonder if I will ever get to talk with guys like perry. Or for that matter guys in O'ville who want to be like guys like perry.

Maybe i want to be like perry.

I fear i might never be like perry sometimes... that would suck. Cause perry can skate.

jogging on the spot

jogging on the spot

I guess i only have time to blog when i am on holidays or shortly after i have been on holidays....
It's August... and I am the world's worst blogger...

I'm not entirely sure what to talk about today so I guess i will share a fear.

nah, maybe tomorrow.