Friday, June 23, 2006

Waiting for a meeting

I'm just waiting for my 2 o'clock to show so i thought i would update everyone what i'm up to.

in just a week or so July 4th Luana and i are flying out to Edmonton for General Assembly. A trip out west should be fun but they fill it with business meetings that aren't that exciting. after Assembly ends holiday begins. We are renting a car and driving out to Vancouver to visit our awesome friends the Jukema's.

should be a fun time.

i still haven't booked the hotels for the trip to van. We are trying to decide what we want to do while going through the mountains.

I want to find Ogopogo but she wants something less adventuresome.

any ideas? let me know.

I think we will stay at one place for 2 nights on that trip so we can do some exploring without having to feel like we have a destination in mind. we'll see.

i'd like to play golf at some mountainous course... that would be cool.

and i want to go horseback riding in the mountains.

i've always had a cowboy thing... that was until Brokeback... but i won't that ruin innocence of riding through the mountains. I'll make John Wayne proud... that or Billy Crystal.

we fly back into town in the middle of July where we will enjoy the rest of our holidays. Just in time for The Children's Fun Fair.

Let me know if you have any ideas for sights we should see while out west.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Esther's First World Cup


Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunset over Lake Huron

May 24 weekend was cold and wet and windy and then just for a moment... really nice.

my son't first miracle

Watch the video
we were at the cottage having turkey dinner and bam just like that.

Orangeville Jazz and Blues Festival

So on Thursday i met Josh and Hayley @ Hardwick's House for a band. it was the start of the Orangeville Jazz and Blues Festival. It was a pretty nice venue and the band was good. It was fun. Josh beat me 2 for 2 at pool. My nacho's were terrible. which is ok cause then Hardwicks will close and i can buy the joint.

Sunday i woke up from my post church nap and met Mike and Mike @ the park for some more festival activities.

I brought Abi and Shiloh. It is important to continue what i began in utero - that is playing for them quality Blues music. We had a good time.