Friday, November 30, 2007

Top Ten list

I saw this great top 10 list from

Top ten Christmas gadgets for the techno preacher

10. A Pulpit Electromagnetic Pulse Generator(PEMP) -- with a press of a button all cell phones within a 300 metre radius will be knocked out for the entire service! Guaranteed to almost never interfere with pacemakers!

9. A Membership to "Transitions Anonymous" (TA) -- for the preacher who feels compelled to use every slide transition available for his PowerPoint presentations!

8. The Three Stooges Deluxe DVD collection with Sermon Illustration Annotations -- What sermon couldn't be made better with a video illustration from Curly, Larry and Moe?

7. Clap-On-Clap-Off Star of Bethlehem Nightlight -- the nightlight has an LED display that guides the star around your room during the night. It can also be programed to guide you to the refrigerator after everyone else is asleep!

6. "The Light of the World" Chistian Laser Pointer -- comes with an attachment to make the beam into the shape of a cross.(Also comes with a 666 attachment for those rare occassions when meetings go extra-long, or salesmen come to visit.) Use with caution! Don't aim at planes or wives!

5. "THE PREACHER Automatic Voice Synthesizer" -- This gadget looks for monotone speach patterns and processes them into a more compelling presentation. Available vocal qualities/intonations include: Billy Graham, Bill Hybles, Rick Warren, James Earl Jones, Charlton Heston, Boris Karloff and Jay Leno's impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

4. Hallelujah Chorus Alarm Clock -- it makes your wake ups heavenly!

3. Force-Feedback Pews -- with these babies installed the congregation will not only hear your sermon, they'll feel it as well. Guaranteed to make seekers sensitive!

2. "Youth Pastor Common Sense Governor" -- there'll be no more late-night calls or emergency board meetings with this little-blessing powered up! Set the"Common Sense Parameters" and sleep well on youth group night!

And the number one Christmas Gadget for Techo-Preachers is:

1. The "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" Manual (BIBLE) -- it certainly isn't a gadget, and it may not be new technology, but it is timeless. It will never be outdated or lacking in truth or power!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hard Day at work

So today is my writing day but Luana isn't feeling well so she went back to sleep and i got the kids to school and had Esther downstairs working with me.

Usually she plays in my office and interupts me every 30 seconds or so...

not today...

Today she stood infront of me and played with some pieces of plastic.... for at least an hour.

I thought i had better take a picture.

I wish she was always this easy to entertain...

She's not.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Child of Grace

This is my Daughter's favourite doll.

I don't know where my mom found it...

I suspect it came from the pit of hell or some place like that.

I have fully exorcised it and it's expression hasn't changed so i can only conclude that this is one of the least of these.

My Daughter will no doubt be welcomed into his eternal kingdom just for the love and grace shown to this poor thing

Saturday, October 06, 2007


OK so i just spent 2 days trying to hook up Luana's new TV.. all so she could watch the cooking network while cooking.

...hope it pays off.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

times are changing

So tonight i hung out with a good friend.

I'm not as young as i used to be and i'm getting tired so i start heading for home and i remember that my front driver's side tire is getting soft. We decide to stop at the local gas station to fill her up...

that's when we saw the sign that said 50 cents for air.

I thought... I'm not paying 50 cents for air.

It's a principle thing. Air should be free. that's right you heard me right. Air should be free.

They're not foolin anyone. they'll give you free chilli and free nacho cheeze sauce for your hot dog but not free air for your tire.

so we left.. went to the next gas bar...

same thing "air 50 cents"

gas bar number 3 "air 50 cents"

number 4 "50 cents"

we even tried 2 car washes... and didn't find any air.

I don't know if i like what this world is becoming.

i feel like my whole world is crashing down around me.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Amazing who wants to be a star trek 3

Originally uploaded by Friar Buck
Hayley tallying the scores...

We lost.

290 to 283.

I think Ann's gang cheated...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer holidays

I thought i should give a quick update on my life the last few.

I'm just more than half way into the soccer season. my ankle is fine but i'm still fat and slow. I do have a blast playing though.

Last month i dove into a project with some friends to take over the operation of a restaurant and two snack bars in the community centres of Orangeville. It's a really exciting project that we will run as a non-profit so that we can used the businesses as a means to accomplishing some social and community building projects that are near and dear to our hearts.

so that is exciting.

a few weeks ago my sister began the last lap of the adoption process. the baby was born and she has him at home, and they are counting the days until he officially becomes part of the family. It's exciting and stressful but we have all seen God's hand at work in the process.

plus right now i'm on holidays. On holidays meaning i've had a week full of meetings, a roof on Saturday and a family reunion today. i love faily reunions... but they are a lot of work. The good (not good, just good) thing about this one is my kids are at Camp Grandma for the next week so we won't have to be chasing them today. it's nice.

anyway i've got an appointment with a lawn mower before we go.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ok so i have been thrilled that soccer has started back up for the summer.

I updated my musiclisteningto abilities in the car with a fancy fm transmitter from my pocketpc and about 4hours of music for a one hour drive.

I bought new socks. new shin guards

a great shirt that says God save the queen,

and in minute 10 of game 2 i rolled my ankle...

now when i was a whippersnapper i would get up, shake it off and play.

so i did that...

it started to really hurt by the end of the second game of the night.

i drove home and got out of the car... it had swollen... alot... and was really really sore.

so i am limping today.

humiliated by my weakness.

wondering how long it will take to heal...

... at least good enough to play.

Friday, May 25, 2007


well here it is.

mostly done.

except the lopsided rail thing.

I'll fix that some day.

I'm please how it turned out...

except that lopsided rail thing.

building stuff

I was talking to my wife about building bridges. my son overheard and said bridges are built of wood. I corrected him by saying bridges are built of wood and love.

I've been busy lately. Building a new walkway and a new deck on the front of our house.

here are some befores

I realize that at this point it only looks like i'm destoying stuff. that part often comes first.

Monday, April 16, 2007

and another thing

I'm a little embarrassed that i just found out how to view all my silent commenters...

I thought you all hated me and never left a comment...

i just didn't know you were there... something about needing to moderate the comments...

thanks all of you for being there all this time.

I don't hate you

what can i say, i've been busy...

and i found facebook.

she gives me what i need.