Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer holidays

I thought i should give a quick update on my life the last few.

I'm just more than half way into the soccer season. my ankle is fine but i'm still fat and slow. I do have a blast playing though.

Last month i dove into a project with some friends to take over the operation of a restaurant and two snack bars in the community centres of Orangeville. It's a really exciting project that we will run as a non-profit so that we can used the businesses as a means to accomplishing some social and community building projects that are near and dear to our hearts.

so that is exciting.

a few weeks ago my sister began the last lap of the adoption process. the baby was born and she has him at home, and they are counting the days until he officially becomes part of the family. It's exciting and stressful but we have all seen God's hand at work in the process.

plus right now i'm on holidays. On holidays meaning i've had a week full of meetings, a roof on Saturday and a family reunion today. i love faily reunions... but they are a lot of work. The good (not good, just good) thing about this one is my kids are at Camp Grandma for the next week so we won't have to be chasing them today. it's nice.

anyway i've got an appointment with a lawn mower before we go.