Thursday, February 24, 2005

Holiday amuzements

My holiday is halfway over and it feels over already. My poor wife has been fighting a sickness for the last two weeks and the kids maladies occupied the week before that... so she growing weary from the lack of sleep and ailments so I decided to intervene with a trip to grandma's for Dad and the kids. I hoped this would allow mom to sleep and feel better and dad to get some rest myself....

so on days 2 and 3 of 7 my van started acting up. My computer's virus software died... leaving me totally vulnerable to internet villains who would come upon me in my state of ashamedness and try to take advantage of said condition. I got that fixed but not before making the fatal mistake of loading two different antivirus products on my computer on the same time to fight to the death over my last few Meg's of ram and paralyze my computer to mind numbingly slow efforts... which brings me the title of my blog.

Jogging on the spot... I can remember as a kid being often told to jog on the spot. With minimal effort and google i have been able to once and for all answer the question.


Is jogging on the spot as beneficial as actually jogging somewhere, if done for the equal amount of time? If not, what are the differences between the two?

Running from point A to point B and back would expend more calories and energy than running on the spot due to the fact that you can run faster, take a natural stride length and the natural terrain includes hills, downhills, steps etc.

Besides being very boring, running on the spot for long periods of time could increase your chance of injury as it is not a natural movement.

It would be very difficult to maintain long term motivation over time by running up and down in the one place. So get outside, breathe in the fresh air and lengthen your stride to work as many muscles as possible and enjoy the scenery!!


Well, there you have it. The experts say it's just another nominally healthy way to spend precious time. This kindof makes me wonder why then I had so many teachers, coaches and otherwise authority figures direct me to this practice.

I think there are a lot of nominally useful but practically speaking cop out ways to avaid doing those things which can actually add value to your life.

I wonder if it was me... Oh i think i get it. jogging on the spot wasn't supposed to be beneficial to me it was supposed to be beneficial to the authority figures whose lives and stress levels were supposed to benefit from my new preoccupation or at least activity.


I've learned a lot since then. I sit here on my computer chair on day 4 of 7 of my holiday making up new ways to practically waste my time when I could be outside lengthening my stride and enjoying the scenery.

Is anyone out there? Do you ever jog on the spot?