Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ok so i have been thrilled that soccer has started back up for the summer.

I updated my musiclisteningto abilities in the car with a fancy fm transmitter from my pocketpc and about 4hours of music for a one hour drive.

I bought new socks. new shin guards

a great shirt that says God save the queen,

and in minute 10 of game 2 i rolled my ankle...

now when i was a whippersnapper i would get up, shake it off and play.

so i did that...

it started to really hurt by the end of the second game of the night.

i drove home and got out of the car... it had swollen... alot... and was really really sore.

so i am limping today.

humiliated by my weakness.

wondering how long it will take to heal...

... at least good enough to play.

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