Monday, June 05, 2006

Orangeville Jazz and Blues Festival

So on Thursday i met Josh and Hayley @ Hardwick's House for a band. it was the start of the Orangeville Jazz and Blues Festival. It was a pretty nice venue and the band was good. It was fun. Josh beat me 2 for 2 at pool. My nacho's were terrible. which is ok cause then Hardwicks will close and i can buy the joint.

Sunday i woke up from my post church nap and met Mike and Mike @ the park for some more festival activities.

I brought Abi and Shiloh. It is important to continue what i began in utero - that is playing for them quality Blues music. We had a good time.

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mo said...

Yes! Brainwash them while they're young.
Totally missed the whole festival, maybe next year, it sounds so good.