Monday, November 21, 2005

Kids these days

I have to confess i don't understand kids these days. The just seem to have different values. Take little Emily. I'm starting to think little Emily doesn't like what i like. It all started last Easter Sunday. I was preaching a dazzling sermon on Christ and kept hearing this sound from the congregation. At first i wrote it off as another member weeping under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Then i realize that the sound... well it wasn't sobbing it was snoring. That's right little Emily slept all the way through Easter sunday.

Well this past Saturday was the Orangeville Santa Claus Parade. I get excited about the Santa Claus Parade because it gives our church a chance to be involved in the community and to share a little bit of the Love of God with people. That and it's a stage... and I like to make the most of a stage. This year we had a homely looking igloo, some inukshuks, a manger and the Goudrealt boys on the congas providing our very own inuit drum circle. We even had a seal hunt... kindof. The kids loved it... at least i thought. My daughter abi was sitting with Emily on the dog sled... I wonder if Emily is trying to tell me something. Posted by Picasa


Dawn said...

I think Emily had the best seat and idea of all...relaxing in the sleigh and enjoying an afternoon nap! lol
As for falling asleep in the middle of one of your fabulous sermons, well what can I say? At least there weren't more people snoring away that day. Doesn't that tell you something? (smiling)
Must admit, I do enjoy the parade, and all the excitment of it. I think it was an amazing day with the sun shining, and so many people participating. There's just one problem with being in it, you miss out on all of the other parade floats & bands etc. Oh well, it was fun and I think everyone did an amazing job getting the float ready and helping out.

mo said...

She picks the strangest moments doesn't she. Nobody can accuse you of being boring, I'm sure that's not it. Maybe she's just very comfortable around good friends.