Friday, November 04, 2005


Watch the video
I've got a quandry


privatecobose said...

aww buck what have you gotten yourself in to know... having too much... i say keep both if you can afford it and if you cant then sell the old 1 to someone.

The Reverend said...

Hey Man!
How about selling your old camera to the reverend and Penwielder and you keep the new camera...hmmm...I think that sounds like a great idea.
Always help those in need!?

Darryl said...

sounds like a great idea indeed.

Darryl said...

And it's growing on me... especially if said reverend and penwielder would use it to post to their blogs at a bi-weekly or greater frequency.

Laura Margaritis said...

Keep the good one!!! The old one was crap...Johnny and I would regularly wonder why you didn't get a better camera to shoot all those videos you're always posting. Johnny says you should auction off the old camera and donate the money to the church.

Dawn said...

What a wonderful idea Laura auction the old one off and donate the rest to the church!
Hope you have been able to make some decisions.