Sunday, October 02, 2005

tick tick tick

so i spent the last week tying up loose ends... my wife is going to spring a leak soon... and give me my third child.

so we got things ready for the last week. cleaned house. got the kids off to grandma's. it was good.

the highlight was our "small group" on thursday... we meet at winchester arms and talk about god... good.

loved it. really interesting environment. really great to see the regulars come in and wonder who we were.

not that we were as conspicuous as the Dancing morrisons.... dressed in rag outfits and played instruments and danced on the streets.

interesting. i expect that i will be written off by some for having a church group meet at an establishment like that... but i was also tempted to take photos of the dancers... then people would have lots of reasons to believe i had gone pagan...

i haven't.

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