Saturday, October 22, 2005

guilty as charged

Ok i admit. i slept through the night last night...

but i'm on the morning shift. Morning shift is important too.

It's when Dad waits patiently for little angel to peep so he can rescue her and mom recovers from night shift with sugerplum advil.

... shhhh, did you hear somethin


Anonymous said...

Hey Buckaroo! Love the blogs. Loved our chat! Love the video - it's classic Buckle! The Minchins send all of you our love and blessings and congratulations. What a wonderful gift. She's beautiful, and mom's not lookin' too shabby, either! :) Love to you all,

The Minchins

John & Laura Margaritis said...

Darry & Luana,

We love you. Esther is beautiful and we are the proudest Aunt & Uncle you could imagine. We can hardly wait for her to meed Penelope.