Sunday, September 04, 2005


i really enjoyed the weekend.

we completed successfully our 10th anniversary festivities and i for one am glad.

Friday's dinner was really a very good time. i like to socialize with that many people over meals.

it makes you wish church was at a restaurant every week...

Saturday's wedding was a joy. I love Josh and Hayley so much and it was a blast to be involved in their wedding ceremony. It really is one of the best parts of my job.

Sunday's morning service was good. it was long... but good. it was a treat to hear the founding pastor preach. i had never before.

i appreciated the word he shared and as much as that i appreciated the chance to connect with him even if just for a couple minutes after lunch and share some experiences.

we are both thankful for what God has done in O'ville.

the last highlight of the day was.... i don't know if i am supposed to say this outloud....

I got some new music today.

it is music that i have been looking forward to hearing for a while so it was a great highlight to the week.

My kids loved it too

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