Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This was a pretty significant weekend...

We're working our way through a study on 1 Peter. Peter's writings are somehow captivating to me. I think it is because it's peter. that guy went through a lot...

I love Peter's learning curve. and i love ours.

Our church is like peter. wildly full of potential but has also been through a learning curve.

1 peter represents some of his later work. written just a few years before his death.

after many lessons learned...

I think i'm blogging now because i'm working on this weeks sermon and just realized that i get to preach on the 1%. Every communicator has things that they are passionate about. Things they love to speak on. well this sunday i get to preach a message that fits into my 1% category. that means I'd rather preach on this than 99% of other things.

God is up to so much at my church right now. i always approach September with some fear. wondering what ministries are ready to fly and which ones will fall...

It's like you get all dressed up and you get in the car and you get there and you start to unpack all your equipment and you lay out the lines, and tighten the screws and you draw up close to the edge but things aren't looking all that good but there's no going back cause going back is for sissy's and you spread out your arms and God sends the most incredible wind which immediately fills your sails and pulls you skyward and the ground gets smaller and smaller and you get to see parts of the landscape that you didn't realize were there and you understand the lay of the land in a whole new way and you soar there... and from that vantage watch God at work in people's lives.

From that place you tell people stories about God and as they listen God lights new fires in cold places and when it is all said and done, people shake your hand and with tears in their eyes tell you about the flight that they took for the very first time.

I live for that.

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