Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Car wreck

Have you ever seen Meet the Parents?

Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro?

It's one of those movies that i just can't bare to watch. I hate movies where all the humour revolves around characters putting themselves in situations where they are humiliated or injured. It's a whole genre of movie. There are dozens and dozens of movies like this.

I can't watch them. I can't bare to watch people get embarrassed or humiliated. I don't like being embarrassed or humiliated and i don't like watching others get embarrassed or humiliated.

The worst part of these movies is that 90% of the humiliation and embarrassment comes at their own fault. They don't see it coming. They willfully put themselves into situation where there is really only one end possible. and they don't see it coming.

I get stressed out watching these movies.

I imagine i've gotten myself into situations where there's a world of hurt coming and didn't see it.

And i've seen people walk right into those kinds of situations as well.

It reminds me of those horror movies where the ditzy blonde stumbles on a room in a backwoods cabin where her other two friends have mysteriously disappeared and she decides that she had better investigate why the window in the back bedroom is suddenly open. It's funny when people in the theatre all want to shout "He's right behind you" but don't and so she gets her head lopped off. (for the record, she probably would have gotten her head lopped off if we had have yelled look behind you too... i'm just sayin'")

I get stressed out watching people walk into those kinds of rooms, shout out in disgust at the person who left the window open, self righteously close the window, drop their drawers and proceed to practice their Arnold impersonation in front of the mirror in their tighty whiteys right up until the moment they get their head lopped off. I mean. If they weren't so busy admiring their pecs they might have noticed the guy in the hockey mask coming up behind them. I'm just saying.

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Leilani said...

I hope you don't 'bare' to watch it... at least not in a theatre :)
You made me smile...