Saturday, November 29, 2008

waking up

ok so last night my poor wife wiped out and landed squarely on her tailbone. needless to say she was a hurtin unit last night and i don't think she slept that well cause of it. so being the stupendous husband that i am, when the kids started calling this morning, i got up, turned up the filter (white noise) and let her go back to sleep.

problem is that Abi was complaining about feeling sick (through her little sister whom she has conned into hollering for her),

Shiloh got up and told me he wasn't feeling well either - he promptly chucked his cookies into the cereal bowl that we didn't get cleaned up last night and i got him to the toilet without a mess.

by this time Abi has informed me that she wasn't feeling sick at all just hungry.

i get shiloh emptied out and settled, call esther who has been wandering through the house at will, covered in pee, cause she leaked last night and didn't tell me.

so i get her out of leaky pj's and into bathtub for a bath and decide that i don't want to know where she has been wandering all morning.

i get her out of the bath and go to start on Breakfast. There are no dishes or cups cause my poor wife was on her butt last night through no fault of her own (really folks, i don't blame her for not having the cat like reflexes and agility of her husband. you know what they say, "the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will")

so i spend some time clearing up the table and counters, run the dish water, dig out some dishes for breakfast. go to get the shreddies that i bought yesterday for breakfast today and have promised the kids for their breaky, and both bags are split open down the side. so i have to return them.

i pour the cheerios to the chagrin of the kids and get to the dishes.

dishes are done, kitchen is clean, kids are fed and settled infront of their third parent (Kids CBC) and i'm down here thinking that i still prefer working up to agape instead of having to wake up to agape.

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