Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The music wasn't playing this morning

I was surprised with myself this morning. I woke up feeling fine but things quickly deteriorated.

Getting kids up and ready for school is often a challenge but today something was different. maybe that's not entirely true.

Lately i have been wrestling with the realization that some things are getting to me in a way that i wish things didn't.

I'm not talking about resentment of some of the stuff in my life. Jesus said in this world you will experience stuff. He said that stuff teaches you obedience, and stuff makes your grow. knowing Jesus comes through sharing in stuff. God allows stuff and sends stuff and i have no business resenting stuff.

it's that stuff has been getting to me in surprising places and ways. I've seen stuff before. (...thinking of all the different directions i could go with that metaphor... from stepping in it to watching a group of monkeys throwing it at each other...)

What i'm trying to say is that some days i expect it and manage or handle or navigate it better than other days.

today was strange. I got all hot under the collar about little stuff. little annoyances. not sure why.

but i know that it has nothing to do with the fact that the music wasn't on in Joppa this morning.

but the quiet made me notice that something was missing.

i once heard someone say that kids wear ipods all the time to drown out the noise of the jungle, which is this present day's culture...

IT didn't sit well with me cause I think that music is the soundtrack of this present day's culture.

I think life is a jungle sometimes - maybe all the time, and music is, for me at least, the soundtrack of life.

It inspires, it motivates, it adds rhythm to my movements,

it injects a little poetry into the monotony

And I noticed this morning when it was missing.

And now that i think about it some more i realize that there are a few things in my life that add poetry to the monotonous stuff. i don't want a life free from stuff. But this morning i was reminded that i need to make sure the right soundtracks are playing through it all.

... and the Barista turned the music on after just a could minutes of silence.

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