Wednesday, February 20, 2008

on becoming virgin

so every once in a while i get fed up with the man, with his spirit of entitlement and his lack of personal care.

so last week i got a bill from "the man" charging me a huge cancelation fee from when we abandoned him at christmas on my wife's behalf.

They tried to automatically sign her up on a new contract when her last contract finished. I called them up and was assured that it was no monkey business just an honest mistake and the mistake would be corrected.

so when my bill came and the monkey was still throwing his business all over me i was a little less than enthused.

they corrected their mistake but i still had a funny taste in my mouth.

so i asked him what the "penalty" would be for me to cancel prematurely and get out of my contract.

$^%.00 Unbeleivable.

but it's the principle that counts.

you see in just a few short months i will have saved just that much money having moved over to my new best friend.


Now making new friends can be difficult.

it has taken many days to get my number "ported" over to virgin from "the man".

My old phone continued to work until today... so i called them... and they said it should be all done today... and my schnazzy new phone should be activated today.

hope so. I hate the man... but i love having a phone...

breaking up is hard to do.

are you missing out?

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