Tuesday, December 06, 2005


So on monday I took the kids to see Grampa and Gramma. My mom wanted them for some kid sized Christmas adventures. That and Luana and I could really use the break. While in Hamilton i bought some LED Christmas lights for the tree... You see our tree was almost all done when something wierd happened to the top string of lights. They got crazy bright and then all burnt out. wierd... So I bought these economical, but expensive lights to redo the tree. we got the tree unassembled again. I plugged in the new lights... and luana didn't like the colour.

the lights I bought were "clear" but LED "clear" is different from old fashioned "clear" so today i went back to Canadian tire to return the lights.

I ended up buying the good old fashioned clear lights this time...

Doing my husbandly duty I unpacked them and put them on the tree. i got all the way from the top to the bottom and had 4 or 5 branches left when my wife started to make noises... Don't pretend you don't know exactly what i am talking about. Noises that say I am doing something wrong but come without words attached to them.




"Its just that i can see the wires at the top"

"That's cause there are no ornaments on the tree yet"

"I just"


"I just don't know if they are going to bug me all year"


"The wires"


"Don't worry, it's not like i'm going to have time to look at the tree"

("I can't beleive she just said that like now I should feel guilty for putting up the lights wrong and not helping her nurse the baby this Christmas")

"I can't believe you are going to make me take down 5 strings of lights for the 6 inches on the top of the tree"

"next year i'll do it myself"

("I'll hold you to that")



"Fine I'll take down the lights, but i'm going to blog this"



Pen Wielder said...

But it's all worth it Darryl, look how beautiful the tree is now. Well, the lights still look a little bunch around the middle there but...I mean...nevermind. Looks great.

(Don't worry, Josh and I haven't tackle the Christmas tree endeavor yet. Please be prepared for some emergancy marriage counselling.)

Darryl said...

Hmmm. Sower of discord.

The Reverend said...

You know if it's not perfect it's not right...right? sorry, I'm picky about details too...you should see me when I put something together and Hayley's all

"it's fine!"

"No Hayley, I think it's off by .009" and it doesn't look right"

Perhaps you should be in less of a hurry to get things done, and maybe spend more time on the little details, take up model building or something that stresses your patience...LOL!

Jennifer&Derrick said...

HAHAHA! I'm sorry but i have to laugh...Derrick is a lot like Luanna in liking things done right the first time!LOL

Anonymous said...
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mo said...

There's one in every couple...LOL.
I know what she means about the LEDs though, they have a blue tinge, not the warm glow of the old fashioned kind.
Your tree looks lovely...again.

Dawn said...

I'm glad to see you can have a little fun with it all, and share your feelings & conversations. There are certainly days when we all struggle with the differences between us & our partners, esp. during busy holiday times. I wonder why so often it's opposite ways & things that attract us to one another? Certainly makes for some interesting times so long as we can move past the differences, and continue on. Not always so easy....
Hey Darryl the tree looks great, and you did an amazing job with the lights after all your (hard) work. You should see ours. I just didn't have the energy to dig it out and put in up the one day, so Becca took it upon herself to do it. The tree is old, cheap and getting rather shabby, and my daughter spent time decorating it as best she could, and you know what, it's up and no one else took part in decorating it, so as far as I'm concerned, it's up and looks lovely anyway. There was a time when it had to be just right, but sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps if we all spent more time making it a fun, family tradition and making the most of the time, rather than looking for perfection, then perhaps things family disputes might be avoided!